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Tampa Newborn Photographer


Ah, newborns, the most wonderful and miraculous gift one could ever receive. They bring us an abundance of joy, love, and innocence. As parents, we are filled with an insatiable desire to capture every precious milestone in our child’s life. Who can resist preserving that radiant smile and those tiny, adorable feet for all eternity? Photography art holds the key to preserving the fleeting moments of our newborn’s life, transforming them into everlasting and cherished images that keep our precious memories alive for eternity.



Each newborn photoshoot is custom tailored for the occasion. Check below the starting price for this session category and contact me to discuss the details and build the perfect package for you!

Newborn Package Investment

Session starts at $550

What’s included:

  • 120 min session
  • Access to the Style guide
  • Access to the Client’s Closet
  • Location of your choice
  • 30 digital images



The handcrafted heirloom album is sure to be cherished for a lifetime and passed down to future generations. All albums are handmade and customized especially for you, preserving what matters most: the love of your family!


Professional artwork, wall frames, prints, and announcement/holiday cards are available for purchase straight from the online gallery and printed on premium fine art materials based on your selection of photos.


The session film takes you back to the most precious moments of your growing family when photos can’t tell the whole story. It will make you relive all the best memories again and again. I recommend sitting down with your family to watch it for the first time.


Looking to update your professional picture? I’ve got you covered! Additional headshots can be included as part of your booked session for an extra fee. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your portfolio or expand your professional presence.



Timeless . Ethereal . Serene


Choosing the right newborn photographer is a vital decision in capturing the beauty and innocence of your little one. I specialize in newborn portraiture and have a distinct artistic style that showcases the delicate features and tender moments of your newborn. Take a moment to explore my portfolio and previous work to ensure that my artistic vision aligns with your expectations. Finding a photographer whose style resonates with you ensures that the photographs will reflect your unique vision.


To inquire about The Newborn Photography Experience, simply fill out the form on my contact page. I am eager to hear about your vision and dreams for your newborn portraits. Every detail you share with me becomes a source of inspiration, allowing me to embrace your vision as my own. Your journey becomes my passion, and together, we will create breathtaking and meaningful newborn portraits that beautifully capture this precious time in your family’s life.


Once you have inquired about your newborn session and discussed the details, it’s time to secure your session date. Upon choosing a date, I will provide you with a detailed agreement and invoice that outlines the total cost of the package and any additional services you have selected. Your session date will be officially confirmed and secured after you pay a deposit fee. It’s important to note that the deposit fee will be applied toward your final balance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free booking process.


The day of your newborn photo shoot is a momentous occasion filled with love. Prepare to relax and enjoy the experience as I create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your newborn. With a gentle touch and a keen eye for detail, I will guide you through the session, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety for your precious bundle of joy. From capturing those sleepy poses to showcasing the tiniest of details, I will expertly document the pure beauty and innocence of your newborn. So take a deep breath, embrace the joy, and let the skilled hands behind the lens create stunning memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. This is your newborn’s time to shine, and I will be there to capture it all with love and artistry.


With immense enthusiasm, I am thrilled to embark on this journey of creating cherished memories for your family. Now, let’s eagerly anticipate what comes next. Within two weeks, you will receive a delightful sneak peek of a few images, offering a glimpse into the incredible moments captured during your session. Approximately 3-4 weeks later, your anticipation will be rewarded as you receive your final gallery—a meticulously edited collection of timeless images that tell the story of your newborn’s early days. Alongside your gallery, you will also receive a digital heirloom album for your approval, ensuring that every detail meets your utmost satisfaction. These treasured memories will serve as a lasting reminder of the love and joy experienced during this remarkable journey.



When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

The ideal time to capture those serene and sleepy poses of your newborn is between 7 and 14 days old. During this period, babies are more likely to be flexible and have a natural inclination to curl up, allowing us to create those cherished images that highlight their delicacy. It’s recommended to schedule your newborn session in advance, ideally when booking your maternity session, to ensure availability during this optimal timeframe.

How do you schedule newborn sessions when we don’t know when the baby will arrive?

I understand that the arrival of your baby is an exciting and unpredictable event. That’s why I have a flexible scheduling process that accommodates the uncertainty of due dates. When you book your newborn session, we will initially determine a tentative session date based on your baby’s due date. Once your baby is born, I kindly ask that you contact me as soon as possible to reschedule the session. It is recommended to schedule the session between 7-14 days of your baby’s life, as this timeframe is ideal for capturing the sleepy and curled-up poses that beautifully showcase the newness of your little one.

Can I include family members in the newborn photoshoot?

Absolutely! Including parents, siblings, and even pets in the newborn photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of your little one and document the unique bond that exists within your family. We can discuss the details and plan accordingly to ensure everyone feels comfortable and involved.

My baby is 4 weeks older, can I still have newborn pictures taken of my baby?

Yes! I understand that circumstances may vary, and it’s possible to schedule a lifestyle session for slightly older newborns. We can still create beautiful and cherished portraits of your little one. It’s important to note that as your baby gets older, they may be more alert and less likely to fall into the deep sleepy poses. However, we can focus on capturing their unique personality, adorable expressions, and the precious bond between you and your baby. By adapting our approach and utilizing creative techniques, we can create timeless images that celebrate this special phase in your baby’s journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your specific situation. I will be very happy to assist you.

What should my newborn wear for the photoshoot?

Newborns are typically photographed in their natural state, showcasing their delicate features. As part of the newborn experience, I have a collection of carefully selected props and accessories to enhance the aesthetic of the session. From soft white blankets and wraps to adorable hats and headbands, I provide a variety of options for you to choose from. We can discuss wardrobe options and styling during the planning process.

Where does the newborn session take place?

The newborn session can take place in my professional photography studio, located in Palm Harbor, or in the comfort of your own home. Both options have their advantages, and we can discuss which location aligns best with your preferences and vision.

How long does a newborn photoshoot typically last?

A newborn photoshoot can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, allowing ample time for feeding, soothing, and capturing those precious moments. The session duration may vary depending on any additional factors we consider during the planning process.

How many photos will I receive from the newborn session?

Following the session, you can expect to receive a curated selection of at least 30 images. These images will be carefully chosen to ensure a collection of beautiful and artistic portraits that truly capture the essence and joy of your newborn.

When will I receive the edited photos?

The editing process typically takes around 3-4 weeks, as each image is carefully enhanced and retouched.

How do I book a newborn session and what is the cost?

To book a newborn session, please visit the following link: contact me! If you want to have more sessions with me, I am thrilled to offer you a special discount in advance. You can see The First Year Experience by clicking here. The cost of the newborn session can vary depending on the package, location, duration, and any additional services or add-ons you choose.

How do you ensure the safety and comfort of my newborn during the session?

The safety and comfort of your newborn are my top priorities. I have received specialized training in newborn posing and handling techniques to ensure that your baby is always in safe and gentle hands. The studio is prepared in advance, maintaining a warm and cozy environment for your baby’s comfort. I also schedule ample time for feeding, soothing, and breaks as needed.

Feel free to reach out to me with any further questions or to start the process of creating unforgettable newborn portraits. I am honored to be a part of this precious time in your family’s life and to capture the wonder of your newborn with artistry, love, and dedication.


Lilia was AMAZING to work with! From the very beginning, she was prompt in communication, easy to schedule with, very clear in her directions/style book, and most of all I loved that she truly cares about her clients! You can tell that her job brings her joy and that she does it because she loves serving families and helping them have beautiful memories. Her style book helped me prepare for what to expect at the shoot – I could tell she put a lot of work into it. Her client wardrobe is super cool too – she let me borrow this flattering white dress and I ended up loving the way it looked in the photos. Her studio is clean, professional, and she even had my favorite lactation cookies available with some bottled water. She was also gentle and sweet with my newborn which made me feel comfortable. Overall we had the best experience with Lilia and the photos she took turned out even better than I expected!! I have already told her that I’m booking again in the future because I’m so happy with the work she does! Thank you Lilia!

– Danielle P.